DMX Downlights and Strip lighting

This setup has a very sophisticated DMX control system.The controller is a programmable glass wall plate which sends out a DMX signal which tells the led fixtures what to do. Using a laptop or PC you can connect to the controller via USB and control your lights live or you can save your scenes to the internal memory and scroll through scenes from the touch screen. In this setup we have a floating shelf around the perimeter of the room with hidden led tape to light up the ceiling. One side of the bulkhead has 5 led downlights shining down a real slate wall which has fibre optic stars embedded within the slate bricks. With your laptop connected you can use sliders to change the colours of the downlights and the strip lights, you can also create scenes and steps by choosing a design of colours and then set how long these colours should play before slowly fading into your next set of chosen colours. These steps can then be saved as scenes and downloaded to the wall plate, which you would then just use to flick through your chosen scenes without any laptop. We have also hooked up a DMX light engine into this system which allows the user to have control over the colour and twinkle speed of the stars in the slate wall and also 2 decorative mirrors on the opposite wall which use side glow fibre optics. See more of these here These photos and videos show you just a few examples of the thousands of different colour scenes you could save to a wall plate. Please  get in touch to find out more.

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