Fibre Optic Ball chandelier with LED up-lighting


This is one of our favourite versions of our ball chandelier range. Sitting above a dining room table it looks stunning with its colourful range of animated features. The chandelier has a 2 tier mirror aluminium base with hidden LED up-lighters. The chandelier uses a powerful 10w LED chip which powers the fibre optics and lights up the drop lengths and balls, while the up-lighting is provided using flexible RGB LED strips, both of which are DMX compatible and synced with a mini computer controller. This means you have full access to the complete range of the colour spectrum available from LED lighting. With the mini computer installed  you can also control your lights live through a laptop or computer or save colours,steps and scenes etc to the mini computer which you can then control by having a compatible wall switch installed.

Some scene examples.

– White fibre optics and balls (with or without a twinkling effect) with white LED up-lighting – You could have the up-lighting dimmed in 3 different stages to suit the level of light you need in the room.

 – Colour changing fibre optics and balls with no LED up-lighting – You could maximise the brightness of the chandelier by turning the up-lighting off, this will darken the room but will massively improve the brightness of the fibre optics.

 – Colour changing fibre optics and balls and colour changing-flashing LED up-lighting –  Go full party mode with a flashing colour display of your choice with options of colour change/twinkle/strobe /fade/jump/flash

You probably wouldn’t go too extravagant for residential use and maybe would prefer scenes such as white twinkle with colour changing up-lighters,  or even just white. However, if needed, it  also has its place in a night club/bar/restaurant which requires a certain colour scheme, programme or DMX control.

This chandelier in question was priced £1699

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