Salon galaxy

A returning client of ours, Stephen Crosby owner of S.O Beautiful salon on Salters Road in Gosforth, came to us with plans of extending their beauty salon into the adjoining building. Stephen asked us to create a design for the new treatment room, particularly something that was different. He loves the starry ceilings in the other two treatment rooms we previously installed so would like something similar but would like a unique, bespoke design.

fibre optic starry ceiling

After a few emails, sketches, drawings and conversations over designs, we agreed on a twinkling galaxy design with cool white light and a matte black finish.

 To complete this design we used around 1400m of optical fibre and it took around 36 hours to complete the product, not including installation. At Custom Fibre Optics we do everything by hand from start to finish, this may take longer but we feel this adds to the authenticity of our products and how unique they are, no two are the same, which gives a truly bespoke lighting service from very talented (and patient) designers, technicians and craftsmen. From the initial design sketch on paper, drawing it free hand full size on the panel and then proceeding to hand drill over 700 holes in 4 different diameters.


Then comes the threading of each individual fibre, deciphering between the 4 different diameters and corresponding drill holes, making sure they’re kept neat and tidy and free from any tangling. Its a lot of very tedious but therapeutic work, for us anyway, however as you can see by the pictures and video, it’s worth every minute to eventually stand back and look at what you’ve created.

starry ceiling


Stephen is very happy with the result and has had many complements by his staff and customers, which is what its all about, creating a calming and ambient atmosphere for people coming to the salon to treat themselves and relax.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any questions you have or if you want us to help you with possible designs.

Price – £1999 plus installation.


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