Fibre Optic Vehicle Lighting

Custom Fibre Optics specialise in the supply of custom, hand made, fibre optic starlight headliners, mats and other decorative fibre optic lighting kits for a range of vehicles such as cars, camper vans and limousines.

Using our imagination and experience we have some amazing interior lighting features to offer for the auto industry.

Fibre optic lighting is a great source of light for vehicle interiors and exteriors. We can design and build custom starlight effects and glowing ambient lighting features in headliners, carpets, seats and just about anywhere on a vehicles interior and exterior. 

There is no heat or electricity at the point of illumination making this type of lighting maintenance free, safe and very versatile.

With 10 years in the fibre optic lighting business and with help from local partners with over 30 years experience in auto re-trims, your vehicle is in safe and professional hands. We have a small team of people who take great pride in their workmanship, pay close attention to detail and will leave you with an amazing hand made, custom product that you will love.



Why choose us?


Lower quality fibre and light sources in the form of cheap star ceiling kits from auction sites are often used to imitate our product. What you will find if you’re willing to use these kits is that the fibres can become brittle and prone to damage, especially after they have been heated and cooled over time. Drive over a pot hole and you may find its enough to snap the fibres which will result in no light reaching the ‘star’ points in your display. If you ever have to remove the headliner out again for whatever reason, you may also find the flexing of the headliner may also result in you damaging the display.

At custom fibre optics, throughout our full range of products, we only use the highest quality optical fibre available, this ensures a product that will outlive the vehicle itself and piece of mind that you wont have any issues in the future with losing any individual stars or worse, a full section if you’’re unlucky enough.

Source of light

At the heart of every fibre optic lighting display is the light source. The light source used is responsible for the colour, effects, longevity and most importantly, results in your display either looking like a tacky, flashy fairground ride or an elegant classy and realistic display. A starlight display should be exactly that, a realistic, awe-inspiring display that represents the night sky, not a fruit machine or disco! When you look up to the stars at night what do you see? Perfectly spaced stars all of the same size and intensity, flashing on and off together ? I don’t think so… This is the type of effect you get with inferior products and inexperienced installers.

Stars of various sizes, a near and far illusion with different light intensity, random clusters and spaces softly twinkling independently… that’s whats really going on up there and this is exactly the type of effects we can produce with our carefully sourced light engines and we wouldn’t settle for anything less, neither should you.

How do we do it? One thing we always do is use mixed diameter fibres to create large and small stars which creates depth and realism. With a carefully thought out star-field design to look as natural and life like as possible and a hand picked light source from 100’s available is what enables us to create the best starlight effects that can produce a mesmerising twinkle effect that can also be edited by the user to be as slow or fast as they like. Whats more, the technology inside our machines can produce a twinkle effect that enables each star to fade through different levels of intensity independently to one another, instead of all flashing at the same time.




What we’re seeing is people using a pre-made fibre optic kit and having a light source tucked in behind the headliner itself. This is fine, for a while, until you have to replace the light source, which wont be long if you’ve been fitted out with a cheaper light source as the parts wont last very long. You will then have not only the expense but also the risk of damaging the display and the headliner itself by removing it and refitting it once again. As we explained above this is a treacherous way to maintain your starlight headliner and can end up a very expensive and disappointing repair if your headliner ends up creased, or you damage the fibres.

We don’t use off the shelf ‘kits’ we create each fibre harness ourselves from scratch for each individual vehicle, we create custom kits which will guarantee not only the perfect amount of stars that you desire but also the lengths needed to safely and conveniently install the light source somewhere that will be accessible for future maintenance. With our top of the range light engines you can be sure you wont have to worry about an expensive repair but instead can simply swap out to another plug and play light source at your own convenience without having to remove fragile equipment and accessories.


We give you full choice of how you’d like to control your starlight feature. As well as being able to turn the display on/off you can also change the speed of the twinkle effect and the colour using a handy little RF remote, or you may chose from the following options.

Direct feed – Where the headliner would have a constant 12v supply. This option

would mean the stars could be turned on/off from outside of the car when the engine isn’t running.

Switched feed – Where the headliner would be connected to the interior/exterior

Lighting or ignition system of the car. With these options, the stars could come on and off with interior lights as doors open and close and central locking is activated/deactivated or they could come on when the side/headlights are turned on or when the engine is started.

Manual switch – Have a physical switch installed somewhere in the vehicle.

Sensors and phone controls – Bluetooth and gesture controls are options too.



Attention to detail

We’ve seen comments such as “how hard can it be, its just poking fibres through holes”…. Well it kind of is, but with most products in life there are versions which are thrown together without much care and then there are products which have been carefully crafted with passion, experience and with close attention to detail.

If you do the former, what you will find is that you end up with a poor finish with frayed headlining fabric material, which can look very rough, especially when the stars aren’t lit. If close attention isn’t paid whilst terminating and trimming the fibres you will also end up with a ‘halo’ effect around each star point making them look like large blobs of light rather than the tiny pin points of light that they should be.

We make sure each and every star is carefully fixed and terminated in place as it should be so whether lit or not, your headlining looks exactly how it was previously with unobtrusive, close to invisible stars that you’d never know where there until illuminated.


Not only are we the best at creating life like, realistic star-field displays, we also pride ourselves in having a talent at creating all kinds of bespoke patterns and personalised designs. We can create displays such as swirling galaxies, milky-ways, constellations, company logos and much more.

With us you have the freedom of choosing the quantity and layout of each star, the size of each fibre used and its colour and intensity.


Custom Fibre Optics are pleased to offer special animated effects such as shooting stars, meteor showers, moving logos and text. You could have a specific logo appear and disappear or have the odd shooting star pass by now and again to compliment your starry night sky. There are many possibilities and different features we can create with our skills and expertise.




We’ve been designing and creating starry ceilings for nearly ten years. We know a thing or two when it comes to making an elegant and classy looking starry ceiling product and we also know how easy it is to create a bad one. We’ve seen a lot of poor attempts from D.I.Y.ers using off the shelf kits, the problem with this is that they’re usually all one sized fibre of 0.75mm or 1.0mm and generally spaced out with equal coverage throughout the display. That’s a great start to a poor looking starlight display.

We always use mixed diameter fibres, it creates a 3D, near-far effect and we make sure they’re carefully placed in order to look natural and realistic. We also tend to stick to 0.5 and even 0.25mm fibres as they produce a finer point of light which looks a lot classier than larger fibres. We’ve had nothing but great reviews and often exceed clients expectations.

You can trust us, just take a look at examples of our other starlight ceilings which have been installed all over the UK and abroad in hotels, restaurants, salons and spa’s to name a few.

If you’re interested in our fibre-liners then please get in touch, wed love to put something together for you, we are always happy to talk to clients about our work and to discuss their needs to come up with the perfect unique starlight display for you and your vehicle that you truly love.


Check out this video of the twinkle effect and also colour transition. Notice how our light engines slowly fades through a cycle of colours showing two at once, instead of flashing and all changing at the same time…..



Check out this video which shows some animated effects, in this example is a sprinkle of stars in a sequential animated design. The speed and direction of this can all be customised…



Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions