All of our products are designed right here in the UK by ourselves at Custom Fibre Optics. Everything is made to order of size and specification with a completely bespoke service to suit our client’s needs as closely as possible.

We do our utmost to meet your requirements, be that a chandelier with specified drop length, a custom starry panel with constellations or patterns of your choice, or an illuminated acrylic panel to represent your company logo.

We design and install a massive range of abstract decorative lighting and sensory equipment to compliment any space. Keep checking back for our forever growing list of products and installations.

Most of our work is bespoke however, we do stock some standard sizes of our products which you can find to your right, as well as our for hire page, a new service we are providing to the wedding and events scene.

If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we can generally make anything regarding Fibre Optics and LED Lighting.

We take great care with packaging while sending our products around the world. Generally, crate boxes are made from timber to ensure adequate protection.

Most of our products can be despatched within a few working days however bespoke designs or large quantities of items may take a while longer, Please speak to us for more details.

We trust our products and their components so we’re happy to offer a 12 month warranty on all electrical parts. In the unlikely event of anything failing, we’d send you a replacement out as soon as possible.

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