Starry Ceiling Panels

Lie under the stars with one of our stunning fibre optic starry ceiling panels. We design, manufacture and install fibre optic starry panels in a variety of different shapes, sizes and effects to suit any budget. We install hundreds of tiny fibres of different diameters, in random clusters to simulate a life-like, 3D effect night sky.

Apart from being a stunning feature, our star panels are very efficient and eco-friendly. A small LED lamp of 3-5w is used to power up to several hundred stars in our panels.

All of our panels are manufactured with lightweight class 1 fire rated materials. We offer PVC and MDF panels which are great for children’s bedrooms, sensory rooms and nurseries. They are available in a range of pre-finished colours in matte or gloss or even unpainted MDF for you to paint any colour you wish.

We also offer aluminium, aluminium composite, laminated MDF,  acrylic, stainless steel and just about any panel material in a range of luxury finishes available in any RAL colour. These are better suited for areas that require that little extra class such as kitchens, bathrooms, hotels, restaurants, clubs and spas to name a few.

We offer these panels in premium finishes such as high gloss piano black, oak, fabric, glass, brushed aluminium, polished mirror and anodised metallic finishes. All of our panels have a colour changing and/or twinkling effect.

As always we take pride in working with clients to create bespoke fittings so feel free to get in touch to discuss different options. Personal touches are available such as star constellations, patterns of your choice, quantity and layout of stars and the added feature of hidden LED tape for ambient mood lighting.

Click here for more details of the variety of different colours, finishes and materials we often use and some useful information and illustrations on the different fitting options available.

Starry ceiling installation

We can also install starry ceilings directly into your finished ceiling, as long as there is plenty working space above such as a loft. However, if there isn’t space above, there is still the option of dropping the ceiling slightly and re-boarding it with fibre optics pre-installed. Please get in touch for a free survey and consultation.

Stock sizes

If you’re not after anything made bespoke and are looking for a suggestion, our most popular starry panels and crystal panels are 1200x1200x10mm

A Starry panel in black or white, satin or gloss PVC with 100 mixed diameter stars with hidden fixing system added – £549.00 plus £15 postage and packaging.

Crystal panels

Fancy something different? We also manufacture lighting panels with crystal end fittings which scatter a pattern of light across the surface of the panel, which shows best on white. These pictures are just an example of a stock panel we often make. You could request more or fewer crystals, a totally different pattern and shape and size of the panel, the choice is endless! Use your imagination, these are great on a ceiling but what about having a custom built, made to measure headboard, custom built plinths to fit your kitchen or a panel which could be tiled into bathroom walls. At custom fibre optics we are full of ideas and can be sure to add something special to your project.

Crystal panel with 13 crystals in the pattern shown in satin or gloss white 10mm PVC – £449.00 plus £15 postage and packaging.

don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require a different size, quantity or design of crystals

Click here to see more decorative panels using leds


Custom Fibre Optics specialise in the supply of custom, hand made fibre optic starry headliners for a range of vehichles such as cars, campervans and limousines.

Either send us your original headliner or we can order one in for you. We then build it how youd like and return it to you or your chosen destination for fitting, whether you do this yourself or find a local auto-trim specialist.

You have a huge range of stunning options for your starry sky. There are basic options which use static leds hidden in the headliner, this creates one colour and the stars are static.

You can add as many of these LEDs as you like to create different colours and zones of light, for instance, you could have the full headliner covered in white stars and a separate led creating several blue stars scattered amongst the white.

We are in the process of developing a microcontroller which will be able to connect several of these LEDs together and make them slowly fade in and out independently creating a soft type of twinkle. Keep an eye on this page!

If you have space available and can store a larger light source (136x84x69) adequately with a little space for ventilation, you have more options in terms of effects. With a larger light source which has a twinkle wheel, you can create stunning twinkling and colour changing effects, just like any of our starry ceiling panels. With this option, there needs to be a route for a bundle of fibre optics to come from behind the headliner, to wherever the light source would be kept, in order for the light to travel from it, to the stars embedded into the headliner.

With all of the options above, you have different control options too. You may have a constant feed to the LEDs via an inline remote dimmer. This means you can control the lights from inside or outside the car with just the remote even if the car isnt started. You can also have the lights linked to your interior lighting, where they could turn on and off in sync with your main interior lights when doors open/shut or when sidelights are turned on. You also have interior switching options, you can have a manual switch installed somewhere, or even control it with a wave of a hand with clever gesture control.

Which ever option suits you best, you’ll be sure to have a stunning high end feature to your vehichle of choice.

We can also add lighting to many other trims such as dashboards, door cards and floor mats etc.

Here are some pre-made packages however we can customise these or make something completely different so please get in touch for a quote.

Classic – 100 same sized, same colour, static stars randomly placed on a headliner  – £250

Premium – 200 same sized, same colour, static randomly placed stars on a headliner – £350

Deluxe –  300 stars of 3 different diameters to create depth and 3d-like effect including 2 colours –  £550

Prestige –  As above with micro computer to create animated twinkle effect – £750

All options can have animated twinkle effect for an additional £200

All options can have additional light sources added if extra colours are desired, price – £50 per colour.

All options are limited to cars, vans and motorhomes. If you have anything larger please get in touch for a quote.

starry ceiling panel
fibre optic starry ceiling
starry ceiling panel