Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Custom Fibre Optics specialise in the manufacture and installation of starry suspended ceiling tiles. This is a great way to get rid of an old boring and dated ceiling. Why not transform your ceiling into an elegant, shimmering night sky with hundreds, even thousands of twinkling stars which are maintenance free and very efficient.

All that is required to complete the installation is a standard socket outlet nearby which the light engine plugs into, once the light engine is plugged in, that’s it with the electrical work! We supply everything you need to take your ceiling out of the dark ages and into the light with a stunning high-end lighting feature. Our tiles are great for home cinema rooms, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, sensory rooms or anywhere else you wish to decorate.

Whether your home or your company, give your friends and customers a great impression with a very smart ceiling everyone will be talking about. You could cover over 100 tiles with one single 10w led light engine powering near 1000 stars. Our light engines shine light only through the fibres to the star points which are pre-woven through the tiles. This means that no heat or electricity is at the point of illumination so none of these stars will ever need to be replaced or maintained.

The only component that will ever need changing is the light engine itself. This is simply unplugged and swapped over by undoing a small grub screw to transfer the fibre optic harness over. Used only a few hours a day our light engines would only cost around £10.00-£15.00 a year to run and could last up to 10 years.

Some benefits of our starry suspended ceiling panels :

  • 10 year guarantee on tiles
  • 12 month warranty on light source
  • Maintenance free
  • Washable
  • Visually stunning
  • Efficient
  • Class 1 fire rated materials
  • Easy, fast installation
  • No heat or electricity at the point of illumination, perfect for humid areas.
  • Moisture resistant
  • Low running costs
  • Colour changing and twinkling effects
  • Custom designs
  • Animated designs such as fireworks and shooting stars


Here we have a few sample packages for smaller installations, perfect for a feature in a sensory room, above a massage table or even above a dentist’s chair. If you require more than displayed please get in touch as we can manufacture large orders on request, please get in touch as soon as possible for a faster lead time.

4 x PVC gloss or matt, black or white – £350
4 x Mirror finish aluminium composite – £320
Extra PVC tiles – £65 each

You will also need a suitable light source to power your starlight panels which are sold separately.
The majority of installations can use our 5w Cree LED light source available in white with twinkle, colour changing or twinkle and colour changing.

5w Cree LED light engine – £150

Our tiles are made from PVC or aluminium composite and are class 1 fire rated. The tiles come in black and white, gloss or satin and are moisture resistant, durable and washable.

We also have acrylic mirrored tiles which are a great idea for sensory rooms or to make a design and stagger with the black tiles.

Custom tiles are also available on request with different materials such as mineral fibre or aluminium which have different finishes and properties like the deep black and sound absorbing textured acoustic mineral tiles or stylish colours and finishes of aluminium tiles like brushed aluminium and other metallics. We can also create specific star constellations, patterns and layouts.

On each standard tile, there is 14 randomly placed stars of the same diameter.  For a premium, we can use multiple diameters, this gives a true near and far effect which adds realism and depth to the ceiling creating a visually stunning feature.


Our tiles are all prepared and ready to install with very little electrical work or even general DIY. Each tile has its own tail of fibre optics bundled up and cut to a certain measurement depending on how far this tile is from the light engine. These bundled up fibres are then all gathered together and terminated into the light engine. The light source is then plugged into a standard socket outlet however, they can also be wired directly to a lighting circuit and controlled via a wall switch. Whatever way you choose you also get a handy little remote which can turn the stars on/off and start/pause the effects.

So, to sum up:
– Install light engine as close to the centre of the installation as possible.
– Take out your existing tiles and replace with our starry ceiling tiles.
– Gather each tail to the location of the light engine.
– Tape all the fibres together in a bunch and insert into the light engine.
– Power on and sit back and watch your amazing twinkling night sky.

As always we are happy to answer any enquiries, If you are a distributor and are interested in stocking our suspended ceiling tiles then please speak to us as we are currently seeking retail outlets.

Have a look at our starry ceiling tile installation guide for reference.