Hiring a fibre optic sensory kit 

Custom Fibre Optics is proud to introduce hire options on our Fibre Optic Sensory Kits.

Our sensory kits are specifically made to aid in the therapy and education for those who live with special educational needs. They are a must item for any sensory room across the globe. Optical fibre doesn’t carry any electricity or heat, so are the perfect product to safely introduce light up close. With several soft colours and the addition of a twinkle wheel, the fibres change colour and fade in and out of light almost like they are moving, a premium feature over a general RGB light engine where all of the fibres would change colour at the same time and also appear static.

This combination of close up, softly colour changing, twinkling light, is totally captivating and relaxing for anyone’s eyes but is exceptionally beneficial for anyone with special educational needs.

Why hire a sensory kit?

– To test it?

You may already be interested in purchasing one of our sensory kits but aren’t sure if its what you want, need and would benefit from. You could look at our hire purchase as a kind of try before you buy. You have the option of paying just a small cost to try our kits out for yourself to make your mind up if they are the right product for you.

If you decide you do like the product then you may keep the product and pay the remaining retail price, or even if you chose to purchase a larger kit, we discount the amount you’d of paid to another kit on safe return of the hired product.

– On a budget?

You may not be financially comfortable spending what is a considerable amount of money for most families, to purchase and own a fibre optic sensory lighting kit. This is a great chance to experience the therapeutic and relaxing effects for a while at just a small cost.

– Don’t have the time?

Everyone’s busy. We should be called human doings. Many people don’t bother buying expensive educational aids as they just wouldn’t get used enough to justice the price. Which is why people often attend sensory rooms, when they can. What about while people are in care, respite, in therapy or on their holidays, why not hire a kit for special occasions or even just for a treat.


How to order…

To hire our sensory kits simply select the term from the drop-down menu, where the price will include the term cost and the £40 deposit and proceed to checkout

Hire terms

Your product will be dispatched in a pre-paid recorded box, you must keep this box for returning the product.

You enjoy our product until the end of your term and then simply pop it back in the box and we will send a driver to collect it from your door who will return it to us.

Upon safe return of the goods, you will be refunded your deposit.

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