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fibre optic starry ceiling
star ceiling
starry ceiling
starry ceiling
starry ceiling

Starry ceiling installation – Using an existing ceiling, installed from above.

You can have hundreds, even thousands of tiny fibre optic stars covering your current ceiling, without any other building work involved. This option is possible when there is plenty of working space above the ceiling in question – at least enough for a man to crawl around.

Usually completed within a day it is a hassle-free way of transforming an existing ceiling into an amazing twinkling or colour changing display. The system is very efficient and adds a dramatic difference to any type of room, whether it’s a stunning bespoke bedroom, a bathroom or a nursery. The great thing is there is a huge range of specifications to cater for all types of budget. If you’re a keen astronomer, for example, or you have a we could add constellations and add thousands of stars and even use multiple light engines to create different colours and effects.

Wed also be just as happy adding just a handful of stars to a nursery ceiling for a new arrival. We can cater for all kinds of budget, the choice is yours when it comes to how many stars youd like, If you’re in a position to have a starry ceiling installed directly into your finished ceilling please check out our price guide to work out costs. Alternatively, please get in touch with your location and dimensions and we can help you. 

Starry ceiling installation price guide


Suspended ceilings and features

 If you don’t have any access above your chosen ceiling, if its concrete or there’s another reason a starry ceiling cant be installed from above then you still have the option of a starry ceiling feature. You could go for one of our plug and play fibre optic ceiling panels, however, there are limited sizes. If you’d like a larger area covered than one of our panels can offer, then we can construct a ‘dropped’ or ‘suspended’ feature, which can be painted and decorated to look like a ceiling again. Once your ceiling feature is installed, it would then be decorated and painted. The fibres are left long enough so that they may be clipped back once painted. We can complete a number of different features to most ceilings and we can also supply ready to fit plasterboard or MDF panels with fibre optic stars already installed. These are modular so you can add as many as you like to fill any kind of space.  Feel free to get in touch to discuss options and ask any questions and see our guide for more information

Fibre optic starry plasterboards