Starry ceiling panels – Build your own – Part 1


If you’re in the market to purchase a fibre optic starry ceiling feature for your home or business you’ve come to the right place, especially if your interested in a service which is high quality,  bespoke and can confidently create and produce your desired vision, on time,  on budget and with 100% satisfaction.

From the start, custom fibre optics main ambition is to provide a service a little different from the rest. Some people are happy buying a standard ‘off the shelf ‘ kit or ready made, product however, there is also a lot of people who desire specifications, designs and ideas of their own, which is where we come in.

Custom Fibre Optics is a small family run business priding ourselves on providing a made to measure service to our clients using a wide selection of materials, working closely with architects,  designers and artists and using our skilled craftsman to produce whats needed.

With us,  you can fully customise your own design for us to build. There is no limit to what we can do, just your imagination. We’ll go the extra mile to build you a product with the newest technology, top quality materials and specialists designs.

There are 3 main things to consider  when designing a fibre optic starry ceiling panel. The Base – the material,  colour and size. The design – the quantity, size and composition of ‘stars’. The effects / light source -power, colour and twinkle effects.

Firstly we’ll talk about the base panel. The most popular starry ceiling panel we make is matt black, which is a favourite obviously because it’s the closest representation of a clear night sky. Matt black also shows the best contrast between the fibre optic ‘stars’ and the panel itself, it is also a must for home cinema enthusiasts as it absorbs the most light and shows little if any reflections from TV’s,  projectors and other lighting to create the perfect movie watching ambiance.

Having said that, you might not care about reflections and light absorbing qualitites and may want something completely opposite such as a nice shiney high gloss white to go in a contemporary kitchen or bathroom.

Maybe you want a starry celing in a log cabin, gazebo or summer house with a rustic look made from timber

How about a panel made from your favourite fabric or laminated mdf to suit your decor.

There is an obundance of decorative sheet material out there and if we can get our hands on it, we’ll use it.

Once you have chosen a panel material you can also think about its size and shape. 

Most sheet materials can be machine cut to square, circlular, rectangular,  cloud shaped,  star shaped or any other outline you desire.

If it’s a precise size, shape and thickness you need to fit perfectly within your project or design, that’s not a problem. It’s the kind of thing we strive to be the best at, tailor made products to exact specifications which often exceed a client’s expectations.

If your not sure what size would look good/work/be practical or possible,  just get in touch, we’re more than happy to take a few details and suggest our recommendations. Simply either tell us your vision, send us some photos, instructions, drawings or a rough idea of what you’d like and we can supply multiple free no obligation quotes with variations of different specs to suit your requests at different budgets.

Now you are happy with how the panel will look and the materials used for the base, it’s time to think about the stars, how many you’d like, the size of them and the design/ layout. 

Read on….. Part 2

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