Star Wars games room ceiling



We were approached by a Dad on a mission to create the ultimate StarWars games room for his daughter.

He had some of our work on social media and asked us the process.

After a discussion over email, we realised that there was space above the room where we could work from above to the original ceiling. So the client proceeded to decorate the ceiling prior to us arriving. When we arrive we usually mark out the ceiling where the joists in the ceiling are and then metre square too. Depending on the spec chosen we would then drill the chosen amount holes and then fit the fibres from above, dressing fibres through joists so that loft boards can still be fitted and loft conversions are still possible etc. 

Once completed the light source can either be plugged into a socket outlet or hard wired into a lighting circuit. In this instance the client had a 2G switch on the wall, one for the stars and one for the hidden blue led strip lights. A  stunning finishing touch for a lucky girls games room.




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