At Custom Fibre Optics we have the knowledge and expertise to design and manufacture a huge range of visually stunning bespoke chandeliers to a very high standard.

We specialise in being bespoke lighting designers,artists and technicians and produce exclusive, unique chandeliers to suit any decor. From a stylish lighting feature in a big retail shop to stop people in their tracks, or something subtle and elegant for a living room, we’ve got it covered.

If you require a specific chandelier to fit into a space with exact dimensions its not a problem, just let us know the details, we often work from sketches, diagrams or photos.

You could send us a picture or sketch of a similar chandelier that you may want to reproduce but add your own touch of style, or to add personalised items to represent your business or company or simply to change its length or colours to have it fit in nicely within your specifications or decor. We can help.

We like to take things to a personal level and work one to one with our clients to design the perfect fixture, which will be totally unique to you or your company. Whether above the middle of a dance floor, hotel reception, above a pool or in your conservatory, our fibre optic bespoke chandeliers give a big impression to any observer and makes a bold statement of luxury and elegance.

Give your home or company the attention it deserves. Just get in touch, we will be happy to discuss your needs and design your next designer chandelier!

Please see our Gallery for more chandelier ideas and/or contact us for more information.

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