Sensory Lighting Products

Here at Custom Fibre Optics we’re professionals in the design and manufacture of fibre optic lighting products so when it comes to sensory lighting and the special educational needs sector, we can do things a bit differently from the other big name special educational needs companies.

We can design and install fully bespoke sensory lighting systems personalised to fit perfectly into your home or establishment. Instead of just buying standard products ‘off the shelf’ which can often be impractical to fit into an often small bedroom in your home or small room in a nursery, we can manipulate them to fit wherever is most practical.

This could mean a hanging fitting with certain drop lengths, chosen colours and scenes programmed into our products or even fully padded, custom fit plinths to fit around your current furniture or equipment.

Get in touch, we’re happy to help and discuss options and offer free, no-obligation quotes and consultations. If you are interested in sensory lighting equipment for your home, or even if it’s for a nursery, school or business, we take on small personal installations and also complete full interactive sensory rooms.  Please get in touch as we can offer a lot more than we have listed, we have tonnes of weird and wonderful designs to captivate the senses and calm the mind.

See some of our stock sensory kits available below, however please get in touch if you would like any other custom kits.