Fibre Optic Starry Ceilings

Starry ceilings are what inspired and created Custom fibre Optics. We are professionals in the design of this amazing decorative lighting system

which, when carefully put together can transform a ceiling in any room in any environment into an amazing twinkling night sky. We are passionate at creating natural,

realistic starry ceilings which have been known to turn heads, drop jaws and get people talking!

We use carefully selected high-quality optical fibre and efficient, reliable and high-performance light engines to complete our designs and products.

You can trust our team of hard-working professional craftsmen to provide you with a high-quality service and product.

See below some of our products and services we already offer for different areas and applications and as always, we are happy to take on any type of fibre optic starlight project and we’re more than happy to build all kinds of bespoke products, just get in touch with us with some details.